Winchester College

Winchester College cricket pavilion

Bishop Ken, a scholar of the College, recorded that he was fond of the game when he was a boy in the 1650s and 60s.

In 1845, a College team was reputed to have been surprised when they played a Basingstoke team who won the match by using a catapult instead of a bowler. Regular matches between Winchester, Eton and Harrow began in 1825.

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Douglas Robert Jardine 1900-1958

As an english cricketer and captain of the England cricket team in the early 1930's, Jardine, an Old Wykehamist (the name gven to Winchester College alumni) is perhaps best known for captaining the English squad during its 1932-1933 Ashes tour of ...

Douglas Jardine

The Ashton Brothers

‘We thank thee, we praise thee, we bless thee O Lord, for Hubert, Percy, Gilbert and Claude,’ - so goes the old Winchester College song, and for good reason. Sporting prowess ran in the Ashton family - all four brothers were Blues at ...

Claude Ashton

Roger Winlaw (1912-1942)

The decade after Claude Ashton left Winchester College, Winlaw became a high profile member of the Winchester College cricket eleven.

Roger Winlaw

Hubert Doggart OBE (b-1925)

Hubert Doggart was educated at Winchester College and King's College, a Cambridge blue in five different sports and captain in four.

Hubert Doggart

Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi (b-1941)

Born into an Indian royal household, Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi completed his education at Winchester College after inheriting the titular dignity of Nawab of Pataudi upon his father’s death.

Mansur Ali Khan "Tiger" Palaudi

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