Alresford connection

Sketch of John Arlott and an Alresford news clipping

According to John Arlott, (see above), Alresford Cricket Club was one of the strongest cricket teams in England, standing ‘higher in cricket than any town its size has done in the history of the game’ between 1770 and 1795.

Alresford’s excellent cricketing reputation was well deserved and fiercely protected by the players. In 1774 The Hampshire Chronicle reported that when the team appeared to be losing a match against the united parishes of Alton and Chawton the Alresford players were not keen to continue play the next day on the same ground as was generally the practice. According to the newspaper this was because, ‘not having lost a match the whole summer, they were determined to preserve their fame entire throughout the season.’

Rules and regulations

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